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The closest town is Pocahontas which is approximately 11 miles away.

The National Historic Commercial District is a seventeen block area with the 1872 Court House (107 E. Everett St. 870-892-3956, which is surrounded by historic buildings. Some of the buildings facing the old court house include:

Also, within the City of Pocahontas is the Eddie Mae Herron Center Museum, which is located in a former school for African Americans.

Museums Near Pocahontas

The Ravenden Springs Community Museum is located in the old school building.  It has information about the school and the healing springs. The Ravenden Springs Post Office (800-275-8777) has information about when the Museum is open. Post Office hours: Mon, Tues,Thurs, Fri 11:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. Wed – Closed, Sat 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Ravenden Springs is about 12 miles away and is on Hwy 90.

The Maynard Pioneer Park and Museum which is about 20 miles away (328 W. Spring Street, Maynard 870-647-2701) is in a cabin that is over 100 years old. On the grounds is a log cabin that was both a school and a church. (On display is an assortment of old farming equipment.)

The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum in Piggott which is about 60 miles away (1021 West Cherry Street, Piggott, was where Ernest Hemingway once lived. This was his wife’s home. During his 13 year marriage to Pauline Pfeiffer they made many trips to her home in Piggott. The stables are preserved as a museum as it was when they lived there. During his marriage to Pauline he wrote many short stories and eight books. (map)

The Southern Tenant Farmers Museum (117 South Main Street, TYRONZA, 870-487-2909 is about 86 miles away provides information about tenant farming during the depression years.  This is about 43 miles from Memphis International Airport.

The Historic Dyess Colony and Johnny Cash Boyhood Home [110 Center Drive, Dyess 870-764-CASH (2274)], which is about 99 miles away, provides information about this agricultural resettlement community that was part of the New Deal.  This is about 53 miles from Memphis International Airport.  The Dyess Colony is about 15 miles from the Tenant Farmers Museum.

Historic and Interesting Houses and Buildings

The Rice-Upshaw House is located on Hwy 93 near Dalton, which is about 14 miles away. It is open to the public at certain times of the year. The Pocahontas Star Herald Newspaper may have articles that explain when it is open to the public. Also, you may contact the Black River Technical College (870-892-4565). The house was initially built in 1828 and was expanded in the 1840s.

The William Looney Tavern is located near Dalton, which is about 14 miles away. It is open to the public at certain times of the year. The tavern was built in 1833 and apple brandy was produced there, and provided lodging for travelers. The Pocahontas Star Herald Newspaper may have articles that explain when it is open to the public. You may contact Black River Technical College (870-892-4565.) The Tavern is on private land.

A Painted House in Lepanto, Arkansas is about 96 miles away and about 10 miles from Tyronza, Arkansas. The house was the farmhouse in the movie “A Painted House.” This movie is based on a novel written by John Grisham from his memories of living on a cotton farm.

Two River Crossing

Rivervale, near Lepanto, Arkansas is where the Little River and the Buffalo River cross each other. Lepanto, Arkansas is about 96 miles away and about 10 miles from Tyronza, Arkansas. You can get directions to the river crossing from the museum in Lepanto or from someone in the community. In the 1920s it was decided that in order to control flooding, the two rivers would cross each other. The address of the museum is 248 Greenwood Avenue, Lepanto, Arkansas.

Parks and Forests

Mammoth Spring State Park which is about 48 miles away (17 US 63 870-625-7364 has the largest spring in Arkansas. The Arkansas-Missouri Power Company erected a hydro-electric plant using the dam to produce electricity from 1925-1972 for the surrounding area.  A fish hatchery and museum, and a restored railroad museum are in the park.

The Grand Gulf State Park is only 11 miles from Mammoth Springs (Hwy W, Thayer, MO). The “Little Grand Canyon” and one of the largest bridges in Missouri are located there.  It is about 53 miles away.

Davidsonville Historic State Park (7953 Hwy 166 South, 870-892-4708, has educational programs periodically. This was the Arkansas Territory’s first courthouse and post office. This is about 17 miles away. The Star Herald Newspaper lists current events at the park.

Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center (600 E. Lawson Road, 870-937-6787 in Jonesboro, which is about 53 miles away, provides information about wildlife. There are nature education programs.

The National Trail System

Parts of this same road at different times have been called – the Arkansas Heritage Trail, the Southwest Trail, Natchitoches Trail, Military Road, National Road, and Arkansas Road (see The Benge Route of the Native American Trail of Tears used this road and crossed the Eleven Point River where there is a bridge today on Black’s Ferry Road.

Evening Events

The Downtown Playhouse (870-758-2282) 302 North Marr Street, Pocahontas has plays.

In Maynard on most Friday nights Jessie and the James Gang play in the Shamrock Quick Stop, which is about 20 miles away. A dance floor is provided.

Restaurants in Pocahontas

China Star Super Buffet (2609 Hwy 67S 870-892-1688)
Hickory Bar-B-Que (2486 Hwy 62W 870-248-9333)
Larry’s Pizza (1803 Hwy 67S, 870-609-1956)
Rancho Bravo (2703 Hwy 67S, 870-248-0070)
Junction 166 Café (3071 Hwy 62 W Pocahontas 870-892-8756)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (1052 US-62 870-892-4692)
Brown’s Delta Bar-B-Que (4007 Hwy 67 S 870-892-0142)

Many, but good restaurants!

Interesting Town Nearby

Hardy (, which is about 32 miles away, has concerts, historic buildings, antique shops, restaurants, etc.


Wal-Mart in Pocahontas (1415 Hwy 67S 870-892-7703)
Price Chopper Foods in Pocahontas (1164 Hwy 62 870-892-0293)
The Amish-Mennonite Country Store in Dalton (870-248-2000) sells a wide variety of food. Their bakery sells breads, cookies, etc. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. Hours: Tuesday – Friday 8 AM to 6PM, Saturday 8AM to 5 PM.

Harps Grocery (1609 N Thomasville Avenue, Pocahontas 870-248-0060) is about 9 mines away.
Fabrics and Quilts (272 W 2nd Reyno 870-810-1485) is about 24 miles away. Check website for hours.

Green Acres Market in Pocahontas 1100 Pace Road 870-378-2200, 870-248-0780) has natural foods, vitamins, etc. This is about 14 miles away. It is located inside the American Made Store at this location.


Check the Pocahontas Star Herald for events. Some events are weekly, monthly, or yearly. One week there may be a parade. Another week there may be presentations on various subjects.

Some additional websites with information about activities in the area:

Five Rivers Historic Preservation
Randolph county Tourism Association
Randolph County Chamber of Commerce