Water Valley Escape has over 1,300 feet of river frontage on the Eleven Point River. The house is about 2,500 feet or approximately one-half mile from the beach area (gravel bar) on the river. Approximately 58 % is pasture land and 40 % is timber.

The Eleven Point River is a wild river meaning that it has never been dammed. According to some articles only about one-half of 1 percent of the rivers in the USA are wild rivers. The river flows from Missouri into Arkansas and then into the Spring River. There are few nice beach areas in this part of the river. Much of the area is hilly and there are many areas with steep cliffs to the river. People who are familiar with the river have commented that the beach area at Water Valley Escape is the nicest in the area. The only land access to this beach is through the private land on Water Valley Escape.

The beach area is a great place to launch kayaks. Currently, Water Valley Escape is not providing kayaks for guests to use. Guests can travel up and down the river in a kayak. Guests can bring their own kayaks or canoes. Kayaks can be rented from Trukees Canoe which is about 6.7 miles from Water Valley Escape. Their telephone number is 870-810-3486. Trukees Canoe can deliver kayaks upstream so that guests can travel downstream for several hours before arriving at our property. The beach area is a great place to fish. Guests should obtain an Arkansas fishing license before fishing. Fishing licenses can be bought at Wal-Mart and some bait and hardware stores. Guests should bring their own fishing equipment.

Next to the beach area is a cleared area for watching the river, eating and enjoying the atmosphere. Guests can drive their car from the house to the beach. If it has recently rained a lot, cars might get stuck. If guests prefer, they can walk to the beach area, enjoying plant and wild life.

There are many types of fruits that grow at Water Valley Escape. Some of the fruits include: persimmons, grapes, black berries, walnuts, pecans, etc. In season guests can pick and eat the fruit that grows here.

At various times of the year guests can observe different activities. One can watch the cutting and bailing of hay which is a several step process. Occasionally, people can experience an overflow. Because the house is about one-half mile from the river, the house does not flood during an overflow. Overflows occur when there has been much rain. The rain may not be local because if there is a lot of rain in Missouri it is possible that an overflow could occur down river. Overflows are powerful.

At Water Valley Escape the rolling Hills are relaxing and enjoyable with beautiful views from the house, and the river.

Guests can swim in the Eleven Point River.

Many types of wild animals can be observed on the land. Some of the wild animals seen include different types of birds (including eagles, crows, wild turkeys), deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Star gazers will enjoy clear un-cloudy nights. Stars are very visible because there is no artificial lighting in the area.

Some games such as puzzles, board games, bad mitten, ring toss, croquet, etc. are provided for children. Please replace and store all games, etc. when finished with them.

Note: Hunting is not permitted.

In the house there is a TV that can receive six stations. A land line telephone is provided, but cell phones may not work at the house because of the surrounding hills.

There is a internet connection that uses satellites. During a storm there may not be an internet connection. There is a router that provides Wi-Fi. Guests can turn on the router, or they can turn it off when they are not using it. Because of the distance from the cell towers and the surrounding hills blocking signals, guests may have difficulty speaking on their cell phones. However, with the router and Wi-Fi turned on guests probably can send and receive texts.

An IMac computer, which is connected to the internet, is located on a desk in the living room. Laptops can be connected to an Ethernet cable in the bedroom with twin beds.

It is relaxing to look out the windows and see a pond and fields. The covered front porch is a relaxing place to sit and observe the view even when it is raining. Under the mimosa tree next to the car ports is a nice place to eat outside and watch humming birds and butterflies in season