The closest large airport is in Memphis, Tennessee (MEM) which is about a 2 hour drive from Pocahontas. The airport in Little Rock, Arkansas (LIT) is about a 3 hour drive. Jonesboro (JBR), which is about one hour drive, has a small commercial airport. The airports have car rentals.

Pocahontas airport has a car rental company but no taxis.

Cleaning/Check Out

When checking out please close the doors and make sure everything is locked up, and computer turned off. Please wash and put away the dishes. Remove opened food from the refrigerator and cabinets and put them in the trash can. Leave bed linens and towels to be washed by maid.


If there is a medical emergency, you can go to the Five Rivers Medical Center in Pocahontas, which is approximately 8 miles away from Water Valley Escape. If necessary, the local hospital can transfer patients to larger hospitals in Jonesboro, Memphis, Little Rock or another city.


We do not accept the State of Arkansas per diem rate for eligible state employees.


Follow the directions provided under the subject “Location.” You can use a GPS and enter the address of 487 Eagle Bluff Trail, Imboden, AR 72434. GPS that uses satellites work, but cell phones that use cell towers may lose connection because of the distance from the cell towers and the hills may interfere with reception.

Are guests able to use a telephone, TV, internet, and WiFi?

Yes, a telephone is provided. Sometimes there may be some static, but telephone calls can be made and received. The TV can receive six stations, and also a DVD player is provided, bring your own DVDs.  There is an internet connection that uses satellites. There is a router that provides WiFi. Guest can turn on the router, or they can turn it off when they are not using it.

Can guests use their own laptop computers?

Yes guests can either use WiFi by turning on the router or use an Ethernet cable to connect to the modem. The modem and router are on a table in the bedroom with twin beds.

Are guests able to use their cell phones?

Because of the distance from cell towers and the surrounding hills which block signals guests may have difficulty speaking on their cell phones. When the router with WiFi is turned on and there is an internet connection operating guests probably can send and receive texts. A land line telephone is provided.

Can both children and adults enjoy staying here?

Yes, guests of all ages can enjoy staying here. There are beds for six people, and an air mattress for two additional people. There is a baby crib for infants. Children should be supervised.

Are children safe?

Children should be supervised on the river and on our property.

How do guests get to the beach area on the river?

Guests can either walk to the beach (gravel bar) from the house or they can drive their car to an area that is close to the beach. The beach is about one-half mile from the house. Please drive on the path that is mowed. If there has been a recent rain, some muddy areas could cause a car to be stuck.

Are pets welcomed?

No, many people have pet allergies and in consideration of their needs, we do not allow pets. If you do bring a pet into our home, we must charge you a deep cleaning fee of $300 or more to remove the odor and hair from curtains, rugs, furniture, etc., and we will ask you to leave the property immediately with no refund of the rental fees that you have paid.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in the house. If a guest smokes in the house, we will charge $300.00 or more to remove the odor from the house. You will need to leave the property immediately, and there will be no refund of the rental fees that have been paid. Smoking is allowed outside. Guests who smoke outside must properly dispose and extinguish their cigarettes to protect the environment so that a fire will not start.

Are parties allowed?

Groups of more than twelve people are not allowed.  This is to maintain peace and privacy.

Is there a swimming pool?

No, but guests can swim in the beautiful, cool Eleven Point River.

What is there to do in the area?

See the “Many Attractions” in the Area section of the website. Also, a blue notebook in the living room is provided with this and other information.

Where can I get groceries and various items?

See the “Shopping” section in the Area section of the website. (see blue notebook)

What do guests need to bring?

We supply many things. However, guests should bring their personal toiletries, plus swimwear, food, sunscreen, and other personal items guests would like to have when on the river. Please bring a camera, river wading shoes, binoculars, bug spray, etc. Sheets, pillows, and towels are provided as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

Should guests bring food?

Yes, guests should bring their food, which may be purchased in the grocery stores in Pocahontas. The water is good well water, but some guests might prefer to bring drinking water. As this is our home part of the year there is some food in the cabinets. If you use any, please replace the item.

What is the weather like?

We have all four seasons. It can be hot or cold, dry or wet.

Can reservations be made throughout the year?

Yes, reservations can be made throughout the year.

Is an advanced deposit required?

Yes, at the time of reservation a deposit for two nights is required and will be charged to your credit card. The balance will be charged on the date of your reservation.

What is the cancellation and no-show policy?

If you cancel at least one week before your scheduled reservation arrival date, you will receive a refund of your reservation deposit minus $25 cancellation fee.  If you cancel with a shorter notice or if you do not show up, you will be charged for two nights. However, there will be no charges for any additional nights you have reserved.

What is the checkout procedure?

Since the balance due on your account is collected on your arrival day, you only need to make sure that the doors and windows are closed and locked, lights turned off, computer turned off, and the drapes are drawn. Wash all dishes and put them away. Remove opened food from the cabinets and the refrigerator and put it in the trash container. The maid will change the sheets and make up the beds, wash the towels, and remove the trash.